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Always Parents Online Parenting Webinars are taught by Masters Level Counselors addressing issues that most families face as they make the transition from a committed relationship to becoming co-parents.

Always Parents 4 hour Impact on Children Online Parenting Webinars meet all requirements for Pierce County Superior Court Local Rule for Special Proceedings 94.05.

You will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the webinar.

NON Court referred clients are welcome!

With Always Parents Webinars, You Will Learn To:

View Conflict from your Child's perspective.

Create a Co-Parenting Relationship.

Understand developmental stages and
age-appropriate expectations.

Manage stress & navigate the grieving process.

Build healthy communication skills.

Deal with post divorce conflict.

Manage both your and your child's emotions.

Address challenges facing blended families.

Rebuild your lives.


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Pierce County / Tacoma / Puyallup / University Place
Lakewood mandatory 4 hour Impact on Children parenting classes/webinars for divorce, separation, parenting plan modifications and third party custody. Pierce County Superior Court Family Law requirements in Washington State: Pierce County Local Rule for Special Proceedings 94.05 Impact on Children parenting seminars/webinars became effective September 1, 2000, and mandates parents attend a 4 hour Impact on Children parenting class/webinar designated to address the impact family restructuring has on children.